Guidelines For Submission

Papers submitted for publishing in INSpire should be submitted as Microsoft Word files and should meet the following rules and guidelines:

General Guidelines:
  • Length: 4000—5000 words, including citations and the bibliography
  • Times New Roman Font
  • Font Size 12
  • Double Spaced
  • 1-inch margins on all sides
  • Citations must adhere to APA guidelines
  • The page footer should include the page numbers of each page. Page headers should not include any information.
  • The paper must include a complete bibliography listing all the cited sources.
  • The introduction must clearly describe the aim and thesis of the paper.
  • The conclusion must clearly summarize the key findings of the paper.
  • The use of external images and maps must be properly cited and comply with Copyright regulations.

If it is found that your work has been plagiarized in any way, the INSpire Editorial Board reserves the right to withdraw your submission. Future submissions to INSpire will not be considered for publication.

Your submitted paper must adhere to the AUS Academic Integrity Code, which you can read and review in the AUS Catalogue.

  • The authors have full ownership of their own work.
  • The journal is not responsible for purchasing the copyright to your work.
  • The journal is not benefiting in any monetary form from this publication.

If your piece has been previously published in another journal, it is your responsibility to contact the publisher and obtain permission to submit your paper to the INSpire Journal.

Please do not submit pieces that are currently under consideration elsewhere.

The INSpire Editorial Board and Committee members will not be held accountable for any copyright issues.

Consent Form:

In order to have your paper considered for publication with INSpire, you are required to sign a form indicating that you consent to have your paper published and you have read these guidelines.

“Date: [insert date] I, [insert author’s name], hereby grant approval to INSpire, a student journal published by the Department of International Studies at the American University of Sharjah, to publish my research. I also agree to make all the necessary changes to my submitted article in order to satisfy the requirements of the journal review progress. I also understand that the editorial board reserves the right to reject my submission at any point during the publication process if I fail to adhere to the above terms and the guidelines.”

This form must accompany your email submission. You can download it here:

Please do not hesitate to contact us at for any inquiries.

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